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What’s your “Why?”: The importance of a deeper meaning when creating a healthier lifestyle

When starting a journey, we can become enriched with ambition, motivation, and excitement. Read More

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When starting a journey, we can become enriched with ambition, motivation, and excitement. Although these are all positive attributes when making life changes excitement and motivation can eventually become fickle. When the excitement fizzles out and difficulty creeps in, it’s hard to find a reason to continue when difficulties are standing in your way. The difference between a healthy journey and only a few steps is one that is built off intent. The best way to achieve success in whatever you aim to do, is by finding a greater purpose and a deeper meaning to your goals.

Reason is an organized clear method of thinking, that gives significance and power. Reason is used in all endeavors of life. Everything from the scientific method to your daily routine has reason. Starting a new journey can be tough but finding a deeper meaning for each step along the way can be the biggest attribute in keeping you moving. When we make an objective goal; stay active; give up addictive habits; eat better; or start a new project we find logical reason for our decision.

Reason is not only the culprit of starting a new journey it is an essential part in decision making along the way. Although this might sound quite easy (find reason for a goal) it’s not as simple as it seems. The human mind is complex, and with this we all have the tendency to shift our perceptions and feelings on a day to day basis. When our unconscious feels pain, fear, or discomfort we consciously reason our way out of things, or towards others. Rationalizing is a cognitive distortion that can have you scape goat to the next set of reasoning. Sailing through justifications for each “rational “decision you ultimately find yourself in constant flux on what it is you truly want. This can leave us in a state of confusion and frustration. Bopping around pouring energy into one thing after another, and yet never feeling a sense of accomplishment.

Because reason can be so powerful- we can’t live off reason alone. We can however successfully continue and commit to our journeys with the help of clear intentions. I personally like to think of intentions as a safety net in decision making; when setting a goal or starting a new journey it is undoubtably the first and most important step. Voicing your intentions will give you the power to reach your goals and make the changes that take you all the way.

*Below is a list of questions to ask your self when embarking on a new journey. These questions can help you remain committed to your purpose, find deeper meaning within your goals and improve your overall happiness.

woman stretching1. “Why am I doing this?”

Such a simple question can hold so much weight. If your intent from the start is not pure and clear before you get started; it’s time to take a moment to clarify it. Goals helps us map out our plans, but intentions give you purpose. The “Why” of your journey and decisions give a deeper, more personal meaning and understanding as to what it is you are seeking. If your intentions are clear, then they will strongly resonate with you providing motivation along with emotional and physical energy. If your intentions seem wishy- washy perhaps you need to dig a little deeper and reevaluate your “Why “. Remember good intentions will get you from A-Z. While vague intentions may leave you floundering from C to E. When our intentions are not clear it creates a space for “failure”, which is the last thing we want to feel when reaching for improvements. However perceived failure can be avoided with clear intentions.

2. “Why is this important to me?”

Values are major component in life’s journey. As we move through daily living, we don’t stop to acknowledge what aspects about our self and our life are most important. But living with intent means being aware of what is most important to us; and putting forth our energy into these things. When assessing your health, it is important to put energy into what you value first. When we choose to acknowledge our own personal values, it becomes the Segway to a change in behavior. We find it easier to prioritize. When our actions are a byproduct of our values, we feel a deeper satisfaction and accomplishment in what we do. Our values should always be our internal compass, but our automatic nature can disconnect us from what truly moves us on an individual level. Finding your values is like finding your motivation, but a source of motivation that doesn’t run dry. Understanding your values will help you in staying committed to making necessary changes- regardless of life’s difficulties.

woman using weight machine3.”Who am I doing this for?”

It may seem functional to start a journey motivated by your loved ones; or to even do it for them. Support is extremely powerful, in fact underrated. But we cannot move through accomplishments for others. No matter how much you want to be great for them, you will be the one on the journey. You will be the one making all the moves. If you seek to improve yourself for anyone other than yourself, you’re simply selling yourself short. Personal responsibility can be empowering. By acknowledging what you do have control of, can not only help you take positive action but also ease the weight of what’s not yours to carry. In other words; to make true changes in your life and in your health, you cannot do it for your family, society, or significant other; you can only do it for you.

4. “What can I do to continue my intentions?”

Intention can keep you humble in your journey. Having great clarification will always help you reevaluate your next move. Finding things congruent with your goals is like finding a team of support; it can even make your path much smoother. Staying connected to your intentions will help you create a new frame of reference for your life, it can introduce you to easier decision making and a clearer mind. You can improve your energy and overall functioning when everything flows together. You can highly reduce feelings of stress when goals are not in conflict but enhance each other. A great way to stay connected to your intentions and committed to your journey is to not only clarify large intent but set small daily intentions that support your purpose and overall goal.

A deeper meaning is often something that we view to just “happen”. But this is entirely untrue. Meaning is to be created. Finding what resonates with you will bring purpose to your moves and will be the spark that keeps you going. When you set meaningful intentions life simply flows, you can shift from feelings of fear and failure- to confidence and success. Understanding what is most important to you will change your choices and your health. A little self-exploration and intentional behavior can make all the difference between fickle motivation and having an unlimited source of power.