The Lost Spring

The Spring has arrived in a hush,leaving behind Winter but not given the usual fanfare and adore. Read More

lost spring, poem by Mark Nyman

The Spring has arrived in a hush,

leaving behind Winter but not given

the usual fanfare and adore.

The days are getting warmers,

the flowers beginning to bloom,

the sun is shining longer,

and none of it feels a comfort.


Lost spring by Mark NymanWe should have been enjoying the

changing season and feeling

the sun on our skin. We should

be smelling the blossoms and

freshly cut grass. And welcoming

the spring showers that provide

a rich moistness to nourish the world.


Yes, we should have been enjoying

all the splendors of the season of rebirth.

But a shadow has clouded and took

hold of the earthly pleasures.

A shadow that we must stay away from,

for good reason.

I love my neighbor, so I shall

stay away from them this Spring.

Yet it all feels contradictory,

As people we need love and connection,

We need one another and closeness.

Panic is justified, fear is understandable.

How it boggles the mind, that the best

Panacea is to stay away from each other

When all our whole lives we’ve been

Told to stand with one another.


Mark Nyman Lost SpringIt’s a strange situation, all our lives

being disrupted in the season we want

most to leave our houses. But,

there will be more Springs, even if we must

lose this one.

With trepidation, anxiety, and hysteria

gripping almost all facets of life,

remember what you can control

and cannot control.


We cannot hide from reality, but

That does not mean we must let it consume us.

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