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Self-improvement and Satisfaction in Daily Living: How to become your best self this October

For many of us fall means taking on more projects, working longer hours, and setting up our schedules for hour to hour demands. As the relaxing tone of summer sweeps away, stress creeps in. Read More


For many of us fall means taking on more projects, working longer hours, and setting up our schedules for hour to hour demands. As the relaxing tone of summer sweeps away, stress creeps in. Stressors can leave you putting yourself on the back burner. Depending on your life’s demands you may feel as if you have no other way around it. But is there another way through it? Self-improvement is a continuous process that we often push aside when we don’t have time. But what If we can tend to our self and improve yourself under the demands of a hectic schedule and change? What if we can be better versions of our self under any circumstances? Being presented with more “to-dos” and a hectic list of responsibilities places a high demand on your attention and energy. Everything can feel just as important. But the reality is when we are overwhelmed, we often lose perspective of what is most important.

Anytime we want to be better at anything it requires effort. It requires self-awareness and energy. Where you place your energy and attention is up to you- although it may often feel like otherwise it is one of the few things we can control. Becoming a better version of yourself takes self-reflection on your choices, and behaviors. When life’s demands take a hold it is not uncommon, to put on a helmet and push through – as we try to give our all the everything. Trying to be our “best self “. The reality is no one is superhuman and overly demanding world can actually make a very unhappy unfulfilled self. Self-reflection is an insightful way to create a more meaningful life. It is the only way to gauge where you should place your energy for personal productivity. If your feeling overwhelmed by life’s demands, or simply find a lack of satisfaction in your daily routine taking a step back can help you find your productivity and fulfillment.

Setting Priorities

The most optimal thing you can do is make a list of what is most important to you in your life. This is a personal list and can range from your health; being a good parent; staying sober; your relationship; your character; or your work performance. Once you know what personally matters to you, it can bring awareness and consciousness to where you place your energy. You can become a better version of yourself through your priorities. A great means for self-improvement and decision making is to remind ourselves of what our priorities are. Under high stress it can put an end to a forever spinning mind. It can help our focus when you know what needs your attention. Knowing what your priorities are can be insightful to make life fulfilling – however how you attend to your priorities is just as important. For example; if your health is a priority how do you put that above all else? Do you make the time to cook healthy meals and have regular workouts – regardless of life’s demands? If Work is a priority Are you fully engaged with the work, you do or spending extra time on projects? If you are a priority are you making sure self-care is a daily routine on a physical and emotional level? Ultimately the more energy we put into our personal priorities, we can find a higher increase in productivity and self-satisfaction.

Setting Boundaries

What many of us busy bees often forget is that productivity also comes with limits. Sometimes saying No, is the best way to say Yes. Being a better version of yourself really comes down to the dynamic you build between yourself, your priorities, and your energy. We will find personal satisfaction when we place our energy into the right things, but we will ultimately become unproductive if we don’t set boundaries and achieve balance. Boundaries can guide you and when set can really spark your priorities on an emotional level. When you put down your work and spend time with your child you set a boundary. When you accept all your efforts of today were enough and it’s time to relax, you set a boundary. Boundaries are quite difficult and can be hard to initiate, especially if you are not used to setting them. Boundaries can come with feelings of guilt but there is no guilt in prioritizing your life and your energy. You deserve fulfillment just as everyone else.

An indication of poor boundaries is feeling depleted along with scattered. Knowing your limits and planning ahead can help you create boundaries to your schedule and energy. Self-reflection can help aid you in recognizing where boundaries may be needed. Reflect on what instances you often avoid saying no. Reflect on how you feel during those times. You may see that saying no would have been a larger benefit to your energy, and your priorities. Feelings such as perfectionism and people pleasing can mislead us and create poor boundaries. Although these feelings can be automatic and habitual, they can be overcome. Set the intention to stay in tune with your feelings. You may not know where you need to place boundaries until you reach a pivotal point. It is a common struggle to say the word no, but it can bring alignment to your priorities and your emotional wellbeing,


Many of us continue through life feeling like we are doing our best but deep-down feel unfulfilled. We don’t stop to question all that’s on our plate and if it should be there. We don’t self-reflect to initiate change, and often see little to no Improvement in the way we operate. When our levels of fulfillment drop self-awareness can help your personal satisfaction. Without self-awareness you cannot be mindful of your personal needs, strengths, weaknesses, and emotions. Reflect on what drives your motivation. What instances put you in full gear ? What are the leading motivators in your life?   On the flip side it is also important to reflect on feelings of defeat. In what instances do you feel defeated? What feelings or situations are causing lack of motivation in your life? By becoming self-aware we can create an objective perspective to make appropriate changes. Self-awareness can change the direction in which we place our energy. Self-awareness is the key to self-satisfaction and productivity.

As Everyone has different views of efficiency and effectiveness, self-improvement is the most personal thing. The work of self-reflection, setting priorities and creating boundaries cannot be done by anyone else. Self-improvement does not have to be about achieving greatness, it is about achieving fulfillment and satisfaction. When we begin to improve and develop our self on a deeper level it shapes how we interact with the world around us. By bringing your amazing energy into the right areas of your life it can increase your productivity and focus. As we sort through the noise of the worlds we live in, we can find our self and lead ourselves to a personal flowing state of deep and meaningful daily satisfaction.