ENOUGH Buddhism and Addiction Image 10 - Equanimity

ENOUGH! Can We Choose to Break Our Addictions? Part 1

One of the main points about Buddhist teachings is that we can change our minds for the better. “Better” … means being in balance…. It means we accept the world for what it is and ourselves for what we are…. It means we give up the blame game…. It means accepting the things we cannot change and doing something about the things we can change, whether…inside our heads or outside in our homes and environment. Read More

How Trauma Impacts Addiction
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How Trauma Impacts Addiction

How Trauma Impacts Addiction is a virtual panel hosted by Soberocity that will dive into three women’s stories and how their trauma affected them when they became sober. They each had to face the demons they had been running from for so long and this time without their unhealthy coping mechanisms. Read More