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Mental Health Relationships

Break Free NYFW Collaborates with Fashion Fights Cancer to Raise Awareness on Cancer Research

Break Free NYFW is thrilled to announce that we are partnering up with Fashion Fights Cancer to give away two VIP tickets at our Designer Showcase featuring Project Runway’s Helen Castillo, Renee Cafaro, and Ashley Alt, with guest speaker and breast cancer survivor, Bershan Shaw of the Real Housewives of New York, as well as breast cancer survivor and model, Christine Handy who will be rocking the runway. Read More

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Break Free NYFW Gives Hope During National Recovery Month

Back in February, Break Free took New York Fashion Week by storm. Bringing together designers like Jacqueline City Apparel, Zephyr, Love Disorder, Adorn Your Clothes, and LadyCat. These designers came together to raise awareness for the nonprofit organization, 10,000 Beds. The primary goal of Break Free was to raise funds for 10,000 Beds and their “One Bed. One Life” Scholarship Fund. This fund connects individuals and families who are battling substance use disorders and mental health challenges who lack the funds to pay for treatment to appropriate and vetted treatment programs nationwide.  Read More

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Mental Health

Is Toxic Shame Sabotaging Your Recovery?

Recovery is full of intense emotions- sadness, excitement, fear, and relief. These emotions ebb and flow and they reveal telling insights about your experiences and needs. But shame is another powerful emotion associated with recovery. And if it’s unchecked, it can become an insidious undercurrent affecting everything you do. Read More

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Understanding Dual Diagnosis | NAMI

As intuitive as the term “dual diagnosis” may seem, it actually doesn’t mean having two mental health conditions. Dual diagnosis (also referred to as a co-occurring disorder) is a term used when someone experiences a mental illness and a substance use disorder simultaneously. Therefore, “dual diagnosis” itself is not a diagnosis, but rather a specific combination of diagnoses. Read More

Three Poems for August
Mental Health Poetry

Three Poems for August

Life has been busy, but I’ve decided to share three short poems for the month of August. They’re short and simple, I want to try and express my day-to-day life and show ordinary events in down-to-earth and accessible ways. I’m not sure if this style is what most people would define as poetry or poetic, but it’s how I’m expressing myself for now. Please offer feedback if you have any. Read More

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Sober Events

Break Free NYFW Announces Their Second Showcase During National Recovery Month

Break Free NYFW is a runway show with a cause, leading the discussion on mental health and substance use disorders within the fashion industry. We have invited mental health and addiction rights activists to not only walk in this show as models but to be featured designers showcasing their collections for the New York elite to immerse themselves within their brands’ core mission of shining a light on this pressing issue.  Read More