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Soberocity Attends NYFW at the Oxford Fashion Studio

Of course, I’m a New Yorker and this is a huge week that has been happening in my city for the past 76 years—this started when my grandma was just two years old! Read More

Model on runway

I’ve never experienced NYC Fashion Week.

Of course, I’m a New Yorker and this is a huge week that has been happening in my city for the past 76 years—this started when my grandma was just two years old! However, though people rave about this week year after year, I know fully paid attention to it and I never thought I’d ever attend a show. However, that soon changed when my project manager reached out to me about attending one and writing about it—thanks again, Alexandra—I was both ecstatic and intimidated. Intimidated because it was NYC Fashion Week. I mean…I was going to be surrounded by some of the best dressed people throughout the entire city; the country; the world, even. What would I even wear? Was anything in my closet even suitable for such an event? Do I have a fur?

After hyperventilating for a bit—and finding my fur—I realized that this was a rare opportunity and I should take advantage of the blessing that that had been presented to me. So, I then remembered that I was ecstatic—nearly lost consciousness again. I was nervous and eager to attend; a few times I even tried to act like it was nothing special. After telling 2 of my friends and my mom, I knew I was losing it. So, I shook off whatever was telling me that I shouldn’t be excited, got dressed, grabbed my fur, and headed towards Chelsea Piers for the show.

First arriving, of course I was confused.

There were so many people moving in so many different directions that I didn’t know which way I was supposed to even go. People who could lead me in the right direction were so preoccupied with getting everything in order for the show that they didn’t notice when I tried to approach them with a question before they took off running to the next task. Luckily, I found a security guard and he led me up the stairs to the vicinity of the show. Sits filled up quick and people moved and darted to grab a spot as close to the front as possible. Luckily, I was able to swipe a seat not only right in the front, but I was the first to see the models before they officially walked out on the stage.

But what I loved seeing more than the outfits was the preparation.

Though models are just walking down a runway, it is much more pressure than what we assume it to be. Being a very clumsy individual, I’m nervous of falling flat on my face just by walking down the street—can you imagine that tension when walking through a crowd of hundreds of people, lights beaming on you? Whew. The thought makes me trip, instantly.

Yes, I was able to see the designers’ outfits before anybody else did, however, I really enjoyed watching how the models, stylists and photographers got ready before the action happened. They held hands, prayed, smiled, hugged, cheered each other on, patted each other on the back, shouted for joy when they successfully got through their segment and the line was applauded. Sometimes, we forget that these people are human, and they have emotions; I was able to see a side that not a lot of people are able to witness and assume isn’t there.

So, with seeing some of the ways these models, stylists and photographers prepared for the big moment, I got to see some amazing clothes—such as from Out of Order and Meg Beck—and the outfits went beyond what was on the runway. The diversity, the style, the uniqueness… I wish I could literally jump into some of these people’s closets. They just walked with such poise and swag that I wanted to engulf myself in this environment forever. And, to top things off, I actually knew one of the models! He came out walking the runway for Out of Order and I was shocked—we went to college together, what are the odds?

I had so much fun, saw so much greatness, and I need to go to another fashion show.

At first, I didn’t think it would be something that I would be into. Of course, I like nice clothes, but I don’t really know anything about fashion or being fashionable. However, to my surprise, this show taught me so much more than that. It not only was a blessing, seeing how not everyone can say they attended a show for the NYC Fashion week, but it made me want to walk around feeling differently. Not only were these people stylish, they had a different level of confidence.

Now, I’m not saying that these people walked around with their noses in the air, but you could definitely feel that these people radiated confidence and positivity. Everyone that I engaged with was so warming and knowledgeable; though I came alone, I even got a personal pic because these women insisted I take a pic! It made me want to not only switch up my closet, but my attitude and aura as well.