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Maybe you haven’t heard of Rachael Bawn yet, but that’s about to change.

As the singer approaches the third week of the High School Nation Tour. She is living her dream. Read More

Rachel BawnAs the singer approaches the third week of the High School Nation Tour. She is living her dream. Belting out her original tunes for kids across the country, Bawn has never been in a happier place.

“Each high school we visit gets a recording studio installed so the students can have a creative outlet for music, doing podcasts and more.”

It’s not all about the glitz and glam that one would think would come with a “rockstar” lifestyle. Bawn has worked hard to get where she is today. Growing up in a small Canadian town didn’t leave her with many options for a music career. At age 18, she made the leap and moved to Toronto to fully pursue her dream. Although for awhile she wasn’t in the industry for genuine reasons.

“I met a producer that I started collaborating with. It was all about me, and wanting to be famous.” It was when she lost her father to cancer she rethought what it was that she was really after. Despite his passing from cancer, she saw him conquer a huge battle: alcoholism.

“I saw what my father overcame. Both of his parents were alcoholics. I saw what they went through and I know how hard that was.” Bawn realized that it wasn’t all about her or being famous. “It can’t be about yourself,” she says about her love of music. “Music is a gift that is meant to be made and given away.”

With a new outlook on her career goals she found that the High School Nation Tour aligned with exactly what she was looking for. She would be able to spread her message of not giving up and sharing her story of hope, survival and inspiration, and sing.

Rachel Bawn“Everyone has struggles and I encourage them to put them out into the open. You don’t have to do things to fit in. Sharing struggles helps you grow.”

In addition to performing, every artist involved on the tour participates in a panel. This gives students the chance to ask questions in a judgement free zone. Bawn, along with others speak candidly about how they’ve succeeded in their careers, and the trials and tribulations they’ve experienced in their own lives.

She encourages kids to love themselves. Love their bodies. To make decisions now that will save them a lot of grief in the future.

She gives them hope that they can also achieve what seems like an impossible task to them. As the five week tour seems to end as quickly as it began, Rachael Bawn doesn’t fear what the future holds. She takes things one day at a time. When asked lies ahead she’s filled with optimism.

After her first US performance at the famed Iridium Club in New York City. It was there that she was approached by a label, and it could only take a matter of weeks for her to become a signed artist. The ultimate goal for any musician, but she’s going to keep performing no matter what. “I want to use my music to get a message out, not get famous or make money.” Bawn enjoys the ride, and cherishes each moment of her career. At the end of the day she has a simple yet powerful message for everyone

“If we love ourselves and love each other, the world would be a better place.”

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