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Maintaining Through the Pandemic

I know...I’m tired too. There has been so much information vomiting from our screens for the past two weeks and, quite honestly, I am—and I cannot stress this enough—TIRED. Read More

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I know…I’m tired too.

There has been so much information vomiting from our screens for the past two weeks and, quite honestly, I am—and I cannot stress this enough—TIRED. I truly appreciate that news broadcasters are trying to make sure we are kept up-to-date as much as possible, BUT, BUT…they’ve exceeded the limit. Every 5 minutes there’s a new emergencies; a new video of people fighting over toilet paper; a chart that maintains live updates on the increasing number of cases throughout the country. 

young man in yellow hoodieThe fear that has been set to flame in this country is quite astonishing.  Though a world that has been through everything under the sun, this is one of the first times I’m actually able to comprehend what is really going on. I’m a New Yorker who lived through 9/11, but I was only 8 years old when it happened; I learned about SARS in school, but it broke out when my biggest concern was running around on the playground; I have learned about quite a lot about our history, but it is frighteningly amazing to live it. I find myself pulling out hand sanitizer every time I get off and on the train, my grandma has brought me a mask and I cross the street when walking my dog because I don’t want to be too close to anyone. [Sis is scared].

And, even if I calm down and get comfortable working in the house, the news is jumping down my throat and interrupting my shows. Like…trust me…I 100% agree we need to be informed, but not this much.

We need a break from the overwhelm.

As the days have been progressing, I’ve noticed that most people are looking for the same thing: a break. We all are searching for some sort of relief and new tactics to just relieve ourselves. With so much fear going around, grasping on to some sort of sanity is in high demand. We all need to take a step back and find ways to break out of the paranoia, instead of continuing to allow our minds to spiral out of control in all this confusion.

a woman thinkingIn search of a break and to give my mind and body some sweet relief, here are some things I’ve been doing to walk in a little more peace:

  1. Pray: I’m not sure if you pray at all, but as a Christian, I have been able to calm myself and everyone that is connected to me because I have been deepening my relationship with God. Though, at times, I feel a little insane, the amount of genuine peace that I’ve been experiencing can literally only be explained by God. His Word says that the peace that He gives is unimaginable and let me tell you…the time for this peace is now.
  2. Turn off the News: As I said, I truly appreciate the news keeping us up to date, but to hear an update after every 2 to 3 minute commercial break is, quite honestly, exhausting. I know we all want to be mindful, but too much information turns that mindfulness into paranoia. When you get the chance, just change the channel—even better: turn off the TV for an hour and just breathe.
  3. Meditate: Speaking of just breathing, sitting in complete silence for a little has really been calming my mind and slowing me down. I know meditation didn’t make too much sense to me, and when it did, most of the time I found myself falling asleep. However, I soon realized the stress reliever this simple task was and decided to start small. I started at just a minute of stillness, and doubled it every week. I now can sit still for hours—if needed—and just breathe, relax and let my mind just…
  4. Try Something New: Is there anything you wish you had more time for? A book you’ve been wanting to read? Recipe you’ve been dying to cook? This is the PERFECT time to try all the new things you’ve been wanting to. If we’re going to be confined to our houses, we should pick up on some new hobbies, lay out those ideas that’s been in the back of your mind, and maybe learn how to use TikTok—I plan on being a TikTok sensation by the end of all this!
  5. Exercise: This is what hurt me the most. I finally was getting up the crack of dawn to go to the gym, had my routine in order, and was eating better…then the gyms closed. It took me some time, but I FINALLY can say I am an advocate for working out at home. I didn’t think I would do much, but what helped was that I still got up at the crack of dawn, had the routine ready and utilized the bit of equipment I already had. Try buying some dumbells, resistant bands and ankle weights, then get on YouTube—these are all the materials I have and are all I need.

These are few basic things, but these 5 simple things have been maintaining my sanity through all of this. Is there anything specific you’ve been dedicating this time to? Do you practice any of these or have a tactic of your own? Please comment, share and like. Check on everyone, twice—let’s maintain peace together.