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Fresh Faces of Sobriety

Fresh Faces of Sobriety is a virtual roundtable discussion hosted by Soberocity that features individuals within their first year and a half of sobriety. Read More

Fresh Faces of Sobriety is a virtual roundtable discussion hosted by Soberocity that features individuals within their first year and a half of sobriety. Each panelist will share their reasons for recovering out loud on social media as well as the struggles they have faced on their sober journey.

Our panelists include: Kyle Pfeiffer, aka Blacklist District, sober TikToker, Erica Lewis, founder of Fight the Beast and sober activist Heather Nielson, and author & music producer, Frank Demilt.

This panel will be held on Friday, September 10th at 7pm EST and is free to all. We do offer a $5.00 general admission ticket that also goes towards the programming of more panels such as this one. We do our best to offer as many free events as we can, any contribution made will ensure we can continue to offer low to no cost events in the future.

You can also become a patron on our Patreon for updates and offers on events as well as the ability to grab tickets one week before they go on sale to the general public.


The Panelists

Erica Lewis: My name is Erica Lewis. I’m 25 years old and from Tennessee. I cheered at the University of Tennessee and graduated in 2018 with my Bachelors degree. I’m engaged and getting married in November to my fiancé Joshua. I have a passion for helping others and sharing experience, strength, and hope to other young people interested in the sober way of life!

Kyle Pfieffer: When Kyle Pfieffer became Blacklite District nearly a decade ago, it was with the intent to create music that touched upon all of his influences and the music that raised him, simultaneously becoming his source of inspiration and therapy. Over the tenure of his career, Pfeiffer endured many ups and downs on the road to the top. His music turned from life enhancer to life saver. As Blacklite District returns with new music and a new lease on life, he maintains the same credo from the start of providing an authentic experience for every new and returning listener who presses play.

Heather Nielson: Heather is a multi-issue activist and speaker, entrepreneur, and busy single mom of three. Her interest in nofap and addiction recovery started with a painful divorce where sexual issues were a major cause. She began coaching friends simply as a way to help them avoid the painful experiences she had gone through and has since reached millions with her message of hope.

Frank Demilt: A graduate of the Roy Park School of Communication at Ithaca College, Frank DeMilt is a veteran of the music industry. Since 2013, Frank has worked in some of the top music studios in New York City, New Jersey, Miami, and Atlanta alongside the industry’s top Grammy and Emmy Award-Winning and nominated artists.

Beginning as a recording engineer at Soul Asylum Studios in Atlanta, Frank has since worked in various sectors of the music business. Recently, Frank was named head of artist development, sync manager, and lead A&R at Water Music Publishing. He’s also helped launch the creative agency Sloppy Vinyl, a premiere artist development and entertainment company in New Jersey.

About Soberocity

Founded in 2017, Soberocity’s mission has always been clear: we want to connect people living a sober life with like-minded individuals through online meet-ups, live streams, and more. We want to change the perception of what it means to live a sober life and make it achievable and attainable for everyone suffering, or who has suffered, from addiction. Soberocity also believes in helping our community to stay sober and to pursue a sober life by offering sober resources and a unique opportunity to connect with other sober individuals. For us, sobriety is a spectrum and we fully embrace all looking to join our community, for together we are infinitely strong.

Soberocity is for anyone with an interest in retaining or gaining sobriety worldwide, including:

  • People who are sober curious
  • Anyone who is new to recovery
  • Anyone who has been in recovery for a long time
  • Sober companions, sponsors, and counselors looking to learn more about the sober community
  • Anyone looking to be surrounded by the sober community and be uplifted by it

Privacy Notice

Please note that this panel discussion may be recorded and shared online after the event. We may also use photos and screenshots from this virtual event to be used both internally and externally for learning, marketing and promotional reasons.

If ‘dialing-in’ to this event by telephone, your number will be visible on the Soberocity Zoom screen. You can dial ‘141’ before the number you want to call to ‘withhold’ it.

Any views, information or opinions expressed by third parties during this panel discussion are the speakers’ own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Soberocity or its affiliates.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

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