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Force of Motion: Top 3 energy hackers and how to overcome them

Energy is force of motion and can be found in many forms. Our own unique vibrations are our energy. Read More

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Energy is force of motion and can be found in many forms. Our own unique vibrations are our energy. Our vibrations are the driving force to our manifestations and quality of life. People often look at human energy as a spiritual component, however, human energy is much more in-depth than that. Our energy is in constant flow throughout our bodies and mind. Mentally and physically we are constantly sending out vibrations with the world around us. With this, we create new energy and exchanging energy with others. The power of our energy is quite astonishing. When we are in a balanced flow It gives us the ability to create a safe space and a kinder world.

Yoga outsideBalancing your energy can be a struggle. If your energy is in disharmony you may be feeling a lack of motivation, having disruptive sleep patterns, anxiety, and feelings of emotional dysregulation. You can also feel an overall detachment from your purpose or passions. Your energy being in disharmony can even affect your personal relationships. Energy hackers can be found in our inner and outer world. If you are feeling down, depressed, and unworthy your energy might be getting hacked- but there are things you can do to protect yourself and shift your energy to a more positive state. Below is a list of common energy hackers and how to overcome them.

1. Negative Nancy

Have you ever been around a person who is quite enjoyable? You might have felt your own internal energy shift. You leave their presence happier, lighter. In contrast, have you ever been around someone who carries negative energy, and you can just feel a sense of discomfort? When we interact with others, we are always exchanging energy. This is ultimately the main reason why we need to keep good company in our life. People who carry negative energy are often dealing with internal blocks to their flow and this can, unfortunately, affect and radiate to those around them. It isn’t always in our hands to be around a positive tribe; things such as social gatherings, coworkers, and daily outings can leave us crossing paths with negative energy. If you are Intune with your energy this can become quite overwhelming. Being sensitive to another’s energy is not necessarily a bad thing-it means your vibrating at a higher frequency. If you are quite aware of your own energy and the energy of others it is important to keep your energy balanced for your own positive vibrations and manifestations.

Let’s face it being around negative Nancy’s can be draining and we all have encountered one. When you are faced with negative energy of another it is important to not absorb their energy but simply acknowledge it. When we notice negative energy in another it strikes a negative chord in us, and our energy gets built in that moment. By acknowledge negative energy around you and understanding it is not yours to carry you can create an emotional shield. Taking ownership of your energy will help keep you balanced and help regulate any unwanted transference.

2. Frozen by Fear

Static energy is motionless energy. Although it may seem like an oxymoron, static energy is still a driving force but one that can create a buildup of negativity. Static energy can often make us feel empty and bored. It can lead to seeking pleasure in unhealthy ways and can create a lot of negative feelings about ourselves and our lives. Static energy can make you feel like the world is spinning while you are at a standstill. People who suffer from general anxiety or avoidance anxiety can often experience static energy. Being presented with indecision or fear can shift your energy into a static place. If you’re dealing with static energy there’s one solution; to get moving. As hard as it may be when your energy feels stuck it is the best way to create a new flow. Satanic energy is just potential energy (a sitting duck). Things as simple as getting up and doing 20 jumping jacks, or dancing in your living room can shake your energy and take it into motion. Taking small action such as making plans with friends or completing housework can shift your energy and get it flowing into motion. Exercise helps release energy from your body and staying active on a regular basis can help keep your energy in a steady flow. A good workout is always a great solution to a mood changer or a much-needed shift. Whether you choose to act in a small or larger task; the point is to keep it moving. The world is moving and to create a strong vibration we must move along with it. In order to shift any energy, there must be force.

3. Self-defeating talk

Changing your thoughts can change your world. As the saying goes “What you think you become”. People often confuse this concept with staying super positive even in the face of adversity. Although positive affirmations can help create positive energy, our mind is much deeper and more powerful when it comes to the forces it holds on our energy. Our reality is a personal concept. If you can imagine your mind to be a 3D cube and in this cube is different cut out shapes. Circles, stars, rectangles. Now imagine circles, stars, and rectangular pieces that would fit into the cutouts in the cube. Much like a child’s game where they learn what shapes fit into each gap. Our minds have our personal beliefs about our self and our world. Whether those beliefs are negative or positive, true or false, they are the cutouts in the cube of our minds. We naturally only accept incoming information that “fits” our shaped gaps. This can create negative energy in your life as some of our beliefs keep us in a limited view of ourselves. A great tool to encourage self-development and create a shift in energy is to change your thoughts. The best way eliminates false beliefs and become open to accepting new information is to challenge them. This a core concept of CBT therapy and is often done to overcome phobias, anxiety, and depression. Our energy is always flowing to what we believe and if what we believe is not necessarily true it can keep us stuck in old thinking patterns that do not serve us. When we believe something, we create a powerful mental flow of energy to that thought. In order to change your world, you must change your thoughts by shifting your mental energy to a new set of beliefs.

yoga class in the parkAs you consciously watch your energy you can become more Intune with the world around you and notice how your personal vibrations are shaping your reality. Our world is created from the inside out however energy hackers can be both environmental and internal. When our emotions shift our energy shifts and what we focus on we create more of. If you want to have a different experience in dealing with energy hackers (or your own personal obstacles) it is time to shift your energy.

Feeling distracted or hurt by others is an inevitable experience -but how you deal with those emotions and where you take that energy is up to you. Feeling feelings of fear, anxiety or indecision is inevitable-but were you take that energy is up to you. The mind is a powerful thing and we often do not take a microscope to our own thoughts. Energy is a moving force that can change direction, speed, or stop at any time. Understanding the impact of energy on your life can help you manage your forces and take positive control of your own vibrations. Learning how to deal with energy hackers can keep your energy in a positive state and create a safe place for you and your manifestations.