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Emme: The Original Plus Size Model

As the body positivity movement gains greater mainstream acceptance, realistic body types are finally emerging throughout pop culture. Read More


As the body positivity movement gains greater mainstream acceptance, realistic body types are finally emerging throughout pop culture.

Plus size models are now flaunting and celebrating their figures, instead of disappearing under layers of clothing and letting themselves be relegated to the fringes. It seems Hollywood and Madison Avenue have come to the joint realization of a strong, hitherto unmet demand amongst consumers to see more relatable bodies.

Plus size models Ashley Graham, Gabi Fresh, and Mia Tyler strut runways and are now recognized as frequently as some of their stick-thin peers. Much of that can be attributed to EMME; the original plus size supermodel.

Emme chose to try her luck as a model while working as a reporter. The decision proved to be a fortuitous one; her ascent was rapid. Within a couple of years, she signed as a spokesmodel for Revlon, appearing alongside Cindy Crawford and Christy Turlington.

Despite achieving fame and success in a pre-internet world, Emme has kept up with the new media landscape. For many celebrities, social media is a toxic wasteland of trolls, but Emme’s point of view on it is refreshing.

Emme“It’s much easier for individuals to communicate through texts and video blogs; it’s a time to use your voice. The playing field has been leveled. It’s a very important time. Social media is game changing.”

Addressing the omnipresence of technology in our lives, Emme offers some plain spoken advice and perspective:

“You have to put boundaries around social media, too much access affects young minds. We have to live in the moment. It’s a balancing act. Social media brings families together on social and heartfelt issues. It allows people to stay connected.”

Nowadays, Emme spends much of her time writing and delivering lectures to promote body positivity. Last year, after a self-imposed sabbatical of 28 years, she returned to the runway.

Fashion Without Limits, a program for fashion students to learn how to design for plus size women, is one of her recent brainchilds. It was a response to fashion schools continuing to focus on small sizes despite current trends.

“I don’t understand why fashion schools don’t teach all of the forms and sizes. When you’re told to work on variety of forms, you can’t do fast fashion.”

Originating at Syracuse University, the program has grown into an unequivocal success. One of the big tests involves students designing an evening gown over a semester with the winning design worn by Emme on the red carpet. The dress is then manufactured and made available for purchase on AshleyStewart.com. The winner this year will be revealed on Valentine’s Day.

There’s never a dull moment or downtime with Emme. With a television show in production and a podcast underway, Emme continues to be driven to promote her positive message while always maintaining her high level of utter fabulousness.

Follow Emme on social media:

Instagram and Twitter: Supermodelemme use the hashtag #fashionwithoutlimits www.emmestyle.com

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