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Changing the Rockstar Narrative with Ariel Bloomer and Shawn Jump from Icon for Hire

Though we all don’t speak the same language, we often find ourselves connecting over and overcoming through one thing: music. And within these uncertain times, there’s nothing more than the world needs than new ways and tactics to keep pushing forward — this is the work being done by Ariel Bloomer and Shawn Jump, founders of Icon for Hire. Read More

Michelle Smith
Featured Interviews Stories of Recovery

Recovery is the New Black: Sobriety Journey with Michelle Smith

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, here is the founder of Recovery is the New Black, Michelle Smith. As a podcaster, TEDx speaker, author, certified mental health and addictions counselor, Michelle uses her platform in order to provide individuals with the best guidance and practices in order for them to begin their own journey towards sobriety. Read More