About Soberocity

Hello and Welcome to Soberocity

about soberocity

Founded in 2017, Soberocity’s mission has always been clear: we want to connect people living a sober life with like-minded individuals through online meet-ups, live streams, and more. We want to change the perception of what it means to live a sober life and make it achievable and attainable for everyone suffering, or who has suffered, from addiction.

Soberocity also believes in helping our community to stay sober and to pursue a sober life by offering sober resources and a unique opportunity to connect with other sober individuals. For us, sobriety is a spectrum and we fully embrace all looking to join our community, for together we are infinitely strong.

Soberocity is for anyone with an interest in retaining or gaining sobriety worldwide, including:

  • People who are sober curious
  • Anyone who is new to recovery
  • Anyone who has been in recovery for a long time
  • Sober companions, sponsors, and counselors looking to learn more about the sober community
  • Anyone looking to be surrounded by the sober community and be uplifted by it

Our Mission

Soberocity’s mission is simple: we want to connect people living a sober life with like-minded individuals through meet-ups, live streams, and events across the country. We want to change the perception of what it means to live a sober life by sharing the stories of others as well as by hosting monthly panels featuring influencers, thought leaders, and experts in the sobriety space.

Connect with Others Living a Sober Lifestyle

sober community

Millions of people choose to live a sober life – a life that embraces all of the joy, pain, passion, and intensity the world has to offer. Some choose this way of life for health, some for spiritual growth, some to promote social change, some are driven by a core desire to get real with who we are as human beings. Whatever the reason, we have one thing that binds us together – we are connected by the power of sobriety – connected by the power of hope. Soberocity – Standing together we are INFINITELY STRONG.

The main goal of Soberocity is to connect sober people to one another. Whether it be overcoming addiction, joining in solidarity with a loved one, or a personal choice to be sober, we believe that it is possible to enjoy life without addiction being a factor. All are welcome to join Soberocity so long as they meet one important requirement: You must share our enthusiasm for all avenues of addiction recovery. Members of Soberocity have exclusive access to our group discussions as well as our Zoom events. Members are able to contribute blogs, videos, and events to our site, and are able to connect with other members.

Our Founding

The inception of Soberocity was driven by the idea that sober communities are an under-served demographic on the web and a needed resource for the sober community to have an online presence. For us, the decision to create an online sober community was deeply personal and motivated us to move forward with the concept.

As such, the incentive was to provide a platform that supported a large community of people in recovery or those simply choosing sobriety’s benefits (health and wellness) a place to meet, exchange ideas, energize debate, fund-raise, research the benefits of sobriety, and to introduce sober individuals to sober events. We open that door and a way out of the sickness and into the light. As such we become infinitely strong.

Locate Local Resources

Through our extensive list of events, Soberocity has curated local resources for those in need of a good time or an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. You can use Soberocity to find support group meetings, special events, festivals, health and fitness events, concerts, and other useful resources in your area. If you have a sober event happening in your area, submit it to our site by filling out the Submit an Event form.

Share Your Story

Have you struggled with sobriety in your past? Or are you a recently recovered addict that has advice for members of Soberocity? We invite you to share your story with us in order to help inspire others who may in a similar situation as yourself. One of the top questions we get is about what other members’ experiences have been with their struggle to sobriety. We would love for you to submit your story to us by filling out the Sober Success Story form. Once you have completed your form, a member of our writing team may reach out to you in order to elaborate on your story in order to help keep our community infinity strong.