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A Letter from the Editor: June Edition

I have never really felt the need to treat Soberocity as a traditional, stuffy blog. And a "letter from the editor" seemed to me the perfect way to scream that message from the rooftops. Read More

I have never really felt the need to treat Soberocity as a traditional, stuffy blog. And a “letter from the editor” seemed to me the perfect way to scream that message from the rooftops. However, since getting to know our readers on a more personal level through our panels, I have come to realize that being more open to our audience is a good thing. So let me start off with the basics. My name is Alexandra Nyman, and I have served as the Editor-In-Chief of Soberocity since March 1st of 2018. I started working on the Soberocity project as the woman behind the scenes and worked as project manager starting in June of 2017.

In that time I have seen great writers come and go, and ideas evolve and expand. But one thing has remained consistent, my awe in the strength and support of our community. Especially as we have shifted from simply writing and covering stories to producing virtual events and becoming known on TikTok (which we honestly thought was just for those who were blessed with the ability to dance and sing along to the songs the kids are into). I am truly thankful for each and everyone one of you who has supported us and continues to support us by reading our blog, to liking our posts on social media, to attending our virtual panels. It means the world to all of us.

For me, sobriety was never a question and was never a choice. I had watched my uncle struggle with theirs his entire life, and I made a promise to my uncle to never smoke or drink like he did. And I am glad to say that I have kept that promise. It is humbling to have a platform to be able to help others seek or to maintain a sober lifestyle; one I hope my uncle can find his way to. Hearing your personal stories and seeing how it impacts others proves to me how small this world really is. Cause if a woman in Alabama can share her story on drinking and make a man in NYC realize he has a problem, that proves to me that the human connection and what we learn from other’s personal journies are more powerful than we can even comprehend.

As we celebrate pride month with the LGBTQIA+ community, it always brings me back to my first summer in NYC. During that time, I became obsessed with musical theatre. Company is the first musical I felt as if it was speaking directly to me. As a jaded, bisexual woman finally leaving behind her rural roots and making it to the big city, I always thought love was a Disney movie. That it would be easy and deep and pure. But it wasn’t. It was hard, it was work, and it required me to break down every wall I had spent twenty plus years of my life building.

Needless to say, I became very discouraged very fast. Bobby from Company became my role model, a bachelor who just couldn’t seem to find love. But then comes to this revelation that he has been looking for all of the wrong things. All he was ever looking for was.. company. Someone, anyone to fill the void he felt. It didn’t matter who they were as long as they were somebody. Anybody.

And it’s in the finale that he realizes what it truly means to love and be loved. That it is a give and take. This song shocked me to my core. It dispelled everything for me and set me on a path to stop looking for someone to numb the pain I was feeling in my heart, and to find someone who shared my same fears of being alive.

I would like to think that I found my person. My boyfriend and I have been together for six years and have seen it all. The loss of my uncle who partied harder than anyone I know, to the loss of his Mom to breast cancer, to adopting our cat Eve. But to anyone still looking for their person, stop being afraid of being alive and let your walls down. Someone who loves you will love all of your, your past addiction and all.

This month our content is focused around the theme of love for all and sharing LGBTQIA+ voices. Our resident poet, Mark, wrote a poem specially for this month entitled “In the Wrong Arms”. It features a gay man who realizes that he needs to stop numbing himself with company and finally address his drinking problem.

I hope you will enjoy our content for this month and join us on Friday, June 18th at 7pm EST for our pride panel. Tickets are free:

We have some exciting things in the works for July, I look forward to seeing you all then!

Alexandra, Soberocity Editor-In-Chief