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My 2 Non-Negotiable Sobriety “Tools”

7 years ago I would have laughed in your face if you told me Yoga, Pilates, talking to people, meditating, or going on a walk would get me sober. Especially if you mentioned the popular action of wellness “gurus” across Instagram-land, drinking warm water with lemon in the morning. I only was drinking warm vodka with lemon in the morning. Yes, gross I know, but that is what happens. If you know, you know, and I hope you don’t. Read More

For Parents Learning to Deal with a Child's Addiction
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For Parents Learning to Deal with a Child’s Addiction

One of the biggest fears that have become a reality for parents across the country is handling a child fighting an addiction. With the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic having a tremendous impact on our youth’s mental health nationwide, one of the results is our adolescents and young adults coping through substances. Read More

Eating the Book
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Eating the Book

I’m about to step on what sometimes seems like the third rail of spirituality in the contemporary world, and talk about prayer. But before you decide to click on something more appealing, let me say at the outset that I understand and sympathize greatly with those who want nothing to do with that word. Read More

Good Eats: Trader Joe's Edition
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Good Eats: Trader Joe’s Edition

I’m not entirely sure what it is, but there is something so invigorating about grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s. The staff is great and they have endless food to choose from. From fresh produce to meals you can just grab and go, Trader Joe’s has definitely become one of my favorite spots. What makes it even better is the unique recipes they have on their website – they even give you the option to build out a grocery list based on their given recipes! Who doesn’t love direction when shopping for food and cooking? Read More

Redefining Your Sexuality in Recovery: The Dos and Don'ts
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Redefining Your Sexuality in Recovery: The Dos and Don’ts

In many ways, physical intimacy is much safer than emotional connection. The act of sex itself, after all, is fairly mechanical. But emotional intimacy creates a safe, supportive foundation for physical connection. Emotional intimacy requires a sense of vulnerability and letting go of control. You are essentially revealing your flaws and trusting that another person won’t reject you.  Read More

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Break Free NYFW Announces Performers and Guest Speakers for the Runway, Including Award Winning Double Platinum Recording Artist, Mary Lambert

Break Free NYFW, a designer showcase with a cause, announces their featured speakers, performers, and sponsors for their up-and-coming runway show featuring fashion designers such as Helen Castillo of Project Runway and Project Runway All Stars, Mental Health Activist and Plus Sized Designer, Renee Cafaro, making her NYFW premiere, Ashley Alt, and cottagecore women’s wear brand, Dynasty George.  Read More

New Hampshire's Multi-Million Settlement with Johnson & Johnson
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New Hampshire’s Multi-Million Settlement with Johnson & Johnson

In the storm of litigation from states to the big drug companies, another victory has been won for the states. This time New Hampshire is getting a piece of the pie, that being a $40.5 million settlement with Johnson & Johnson. What’s of note in this announcement, which came on September 1st of this year, is that this settlement was reached three days before the case was taken to trial. Read More

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Meth Plays Big Role in Drug ODs in Rural America | HealthDay

Methamphetamine is driving an epidemic of drug overdoses in rural America, a new study concludes. Researchers attribute the surge to meth laced with fentanyl or combined with an opioid that contains fentanyl. “Methamphetamine is increasingly contaminated or adulterated with fentanyl, which is 50 to 100 times more potent than heroin,” said lead researcher Dr. Todd Korthuis, director of the Addiction Medicine Section at Oregon Health & Science University, in Portland. Read More

Mobilize Recovery
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Mobilize Recovery

It can be tempting to let yourself become held down by bad news. The numbers for overdose deaths from opioids are rising at an alarming rate. While we have to come to terms with reality, we don’t have to succumb to despair or hopelessness. Addiction is a terrifying reality, but there’s a comforting reality: that there’s hope for recovery. Read More